Bring a Spade

 Hot Water Beach

The sale and hire of spades is big business at Hot Water Beach.  It’s just a few kilometres from where we are staying on The Coromandel.

We took a walk along the beach and Val paddled in the sea. When we got to the excavations – the place where you dig a hole in the sand and let the hot water filter up from the under ground fissures – I used Val as a temperature gauge.

‘Just stand in that pool,’ I said

‘No, it’s quite cold,’ said Val

‘Try that one.’

They all seemed quite tepid and unexciting, until Val tried one particular hole and jumped out yelping. Apparently the temperature , when you find the right spot, can get up to 64 degrees centigrade.

Val isn’t volunteering to check the temperature of any more natural spas any time soon.