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Eucalyptus Trees

The Eucalyptus Tree ( or Gum Tree as they are popularly called) is ubiquitous in Australia. Their trunks often have a mottled appearance , similar to the UK Plane Tree. They shed their bark as they grow and you can often see strings of peeling bark decorating the outsides of their trunks (as seen in the picture above).

I used to think that there was just the one Eucalyptus tree; maybe  a few varietal variations, but just the one tree. It seems I was wrong. There are over 700 species of Eucalyptus here in Australia!

As a point of interest, the Koala Bear sticks to around 100 of them for its food. The keeper at Currumbim Wildlife Park told us that one of the Koalas had to be restricted to one type of Eucalyptus leaf; the others gave it an upset tummy…