Last Night in Christchurch

We’ve just had a lovely last evening at Dave & Beth’s! They invited family round and we had a meal together. Their daughter Alisa and husband Clyde were there with the children Luke and Theia, plus Ian and Merryl (Rochelle’s mum and dad) and David’s other sister Ruth and husband Kevin and Beth’s mum. Thank you all for making us so welcome! It’s been so lovely to see you all again. We’ll miss you. I hope we’ll see you again soon – either here or in the UK.

‘Tea’ with Everyone at Dave & Beth’s

Great Day for Golf!

David kindly offered to take us to his golf club for a round this morning. It was a beautiful day and the setting lovely, but half an hour in Dave must have been wondering what had possessed him… Paul & I still hadn’t made it to the green on the first hole…

It took about 40 minutes for us both to clock up a 13 for a par 4. Saving grace for David must have been that it was a quiet day and there was no one was behind us losing patience!

Paul’s own golf rules were slightly ‘original’:
He thought that where the ball landed didn’t necessarily have to coincide with where you played it from… and his scoring on the 5th hole was ‘LOTS’ and for the 6th it was ‘LOTS+’ ?
Memories of games of pitch and putt decades ago – along with some friendly advice – did kick in eventually and we fared better; well a bit anyway. We managed a few reasonable shots and our putting wasn’t too embarrassing. We both really enjoyed it! Thanks David!