A French Pâtisserie with a New Zealand twist…

Today was a low key relaxing day but we still managed to make some discoveries. The first was a gorgeous French pâtisserie and café called ‘Le petit Four’. We saw someone carrying some fresh bread on the way back from our power walk by the estuary and asked her where the baker’s was, as we hadn’t seen anything local. Turned out it was well over a mile away and she’d walked there and back! It must be worth investigating!

It didn’t disappoint. Apart from baguettes and brioche and pastries it had some NZ additions such as muffins and their coffees included flat whites and long blacks plus lots of others. They also served what looked like gorgeous breakfasts. We bought bread and a few little cakes (plus couldn’t resist the raspberry and white chocolate muffin) and will definitely be back to sample some more.

The cake picture is at the request of Clare who runs the café at Malmesbury abbey. (More to follow, Clare!)