Kitesurfing on the Estuary outside our Beach Bach

It’s warm and sunny, but very windy this morning and we sit outside, our seats hugging the house wall as we eat our breakfast.

Just the right weather for kitesurfing. There are a number of enthusiasts in view from our vantage point, with their colourful kites pulling them at breakneck speeds through the water. It’s fascinating watching how they change speed and direction and flip their boards out of the water and momentarily take flight as the force of the wind takes them aloft.

Variable Oystercatchers

Black Oyster Catchers

This is a group of Variable Oystercatchers

Val thinks that they always look very purposeful and professional – in stark contrast to the squawking hordes of gulls – as they go about their steady work of combing the sands for crustaceans.

This morning they were standing still in contemplation: ‘weighing up t’ job’ as they used to say when I worked for the Lancashire County Council one summer.

Native New Zealand Trees

Native New Zealand Trees
Native New Zealand Trees

The Native New Zealand Trees


The trees and general look of the countryside are different in New Zealand. It might sound obvious, but as we were walking along the familiar footpath beside the sea, I was looking at tree shapes that would be totally unfamiliar back in the UK. There are the Pohutukawa Trees, some tall palm trees, large bamboo groves and the Norfolk island pine tree, which should interest Val, as she comes from Norfolk. (Oh dear, he should know Lowestoft is in Suffolk..)I bet she never realized it was an island though!