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It’s all ‘App’ening here with the Smiths in Sydney

I’m feeling very smug with myself…

I’ve researched the iPhone app world and discovered a couple of really helpful apps to help us get around Sydney.

The first app is called ‘Waze’ and is a free sat nav app. It was bought by Google several years ago and is amazingly good. It also uses the input of other users to direct you using the fastest possible route. Why would you want to buy a sat nav?

The other app we have uploaded is called ‘Moovit’ . A public transport and mapping app which interfaces with the local transport information services (and again with input from other users). Anytime you want to know the best public transport route, position of the bus stop, transit times, timetable… it just shows you. Up comes the map and you just follow.

Both apps would work in other locations arond the world.