New Glasses from $60 within an hour!

In retrospect, I did a silly thing this week…

I am perhaps a little idiosyncratic. I like to swim with my hat on and wearing my glasses. There are good reasons for this behaviour: I can see where I am going and I keep the sun off my head. This works well in a pool and up until now has been fine when swimming in the sea. Maybe I look a little silly, but I’m past caring at my age..

I say it has been fine in the sea ‘up until now’ because a couple of days ago it wasn’t. I was swimming off Little Oneroa Beach when I was hit by a largish wave.  I was entirely submerged and my hat pulled from my head and taken towards the shore line. Fortunately hats float and I was able to retrieve it; only then did I realise that I was no longer wearing my glasses. Unfortunately glasses don’t float. They were lost.

My optician in London was kind enough to email my eye prescription, but I had a limited time to have some new glasses made up. It would take too long to get varifocals, but distance lenses I thought might be an option.

I was fortunate enough to find an opticians in Auckland (with their own lab) that could make up and fit lenses within an hour! Amazing..

Paul in his New Glasses
Paul in his new glasses

I have some new GR-90 Airframe glasses in black with 1.60 AS lenses (1.60 AS means they are thinner than standard). They have several coatings  (clear, non scratch, water repellent, pc glare, uv etc.) Total cost $120. Would have been half the price if I hadn’t needed the thinner 1.60AS lens)


If you lose your glasses in Auckland then I can recommend Optics 1

Alley Hue
Alley Hue


Here’s a picture of the nice Ally Hue at Optics 1