Bring a Spade

 Hot Water Beach

The sale and hire of spades is big business at Hot Water Beach.  It’s just a few kilometres from where we are staying on The Coromandel.

We took a walk along the beach and Val paddled in the sea. When we got to the excavations – the place where you dig a hole in the sand and let the hot water filter up from the under ground fissures – I used Val as a temperature gauge.

‘Just stand in that pool,’ I said

‘No, it’s quite cold,’ said Val

‘Try that one.’

They all seemed quite tepid and unexciting, until Val tried one particular hole and jumped out yelping. Apparently the temperature , when you find the right spot, can get up to 64 degrees centigrade.

Val isn’t volunteering to check the temperature of any more natural spas any time soon.



3 thoughts on “Bring a Spade”

  1. Paul, the idea is to get into your togs (bathing trunks) before you enter the beach and once you have found the right spot by playing with channels of hot and cold water and digging out an an area to sit in, push Val in then. However, Val, I think Paul deserves to be pushed in first!

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