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Bible Apps

Bible App

Whilst in Melbourne the church we attended used a University Lecture theatre to hold its services. It didn’t believe in spending its money on buildings; they concentrate on ‘people’ they said.

They were also a relatively ‘youthful’ church ( even the middle aged!). They were up to date with the latest tech… so they didn’t have bibles either – they used bible apps. When it came to following the reading or the sermon, nearly everyone took out their mobile phones. It worked well…

I was recommended the app ‘Tecarta Bible’ – King James version free, but you have to pay a few dollars for NIV etc. If you wanted a free app then ‘The Bible App – YouVersion’ is free…

It’s a scorcher!

Melbourne is set for its hottest ever December temperature … our phone app shows 43 degrees in Armadale (suburb of Melbourne)

The newspapers say that if the temperature reaches 44 degrees, as expected, it will break a 143 year old December record! (Fortunately it’s all change tomorrow…)

Just walked out to the cafe for a cappuccino. Exiting the air conditioned building we hit a wall of heat. It only takes a minute to walk there… but that was long enough!

It’s overcast at the moment and Val was reading that they can have lightening in these conditions and that’s often when fires start…