It’s a scorcher!

Melbourne is set for its hottest ever December temperature … our phone app shows 43 degrees in Armadale (suburb of Melbourne)

The newspapers say that if the temperature reaches 44 degrees, as expected, it will break a 143 year old December record! (Fortunately it’s all change tomorrow…)

Just walked out to the cafe for a cappuccino. Exiting the air conditioned building we hit a wall of heat. It only takes a minute to walk there… but that was long enough!

It’s overcast at the moment and Val was reading that they can have lightening in these conditions and that’s often when fires start…

Doggy Party

Doggy Party

We were strolling around Orrang Park close to where we’re staying… A group of people brought out a trestle table, drinks and a a plastic paddling pool. They gathered around the drinks table whilst their dogs – some with festive adornments – socialised; running rings around the table yapping , fetching balls and lounging together in dog-like fashion… Never seen a doggy party before!