New Zealand Politics…. all very casual!

Political Debate New Zealand Style…

I turned on the TV for a late news programme the other night. David Cunliffe (the leader of the labour opposition) was being interviewed by a guy called Paul Henry. It was nothing like I’d ever seen in the UK. The politician – casually dressed – seemed as relaxed as the quirky journalist who is a self-confessed supporter of the PM John Key(!) It’s election year so he asked about Labour’s new policies, one of which was support for deep sea drilling. Paul Henry’s response was that he quite liked the policy – but of course he’d never vote Labour!

A few minutes later and John Key himself had popped in. PH joked with him about playing golf with Barak Obama and then asked him who he would trust as a coalition partner; it’s accepted that it will be a hung parliament. He showed the PM a series of photos and actually got yes/no answers from him! When he said yes to someone he’d heavily criticised just a few months before he got teased by Henry but just grimaced and carried on. David Cunliffe was teased too about tweeting congratulations to the NZ double Grammy winner Lorde and spelling her name ‘Lord’ but he just laughed it off. There was none of this avoiding the question or spending ages saying nothing.

Just can’t imagine Cameron and Miliband having the same jolly chat with any journalist on the run up to the election!


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