Golf… but not as we know it

If you’ve always wanted to take up golf but couldn’t afford the equipment and the green fees. I have found a solution for you.

Here in Queenstown Gardens you can take up golf for the cost of a Frisbee. I am sure the purists amongst you will complain that the lack of a clubs and golf balls disqualifies this pursuit from being called ‘golf’, but never the less there is a game with official rules and several different choices of Frisbee ( depending on the wind, terrain and experience of the user) and it is called ‘Frisbee Golf’

Frisbee Golf Tee
Frisbee Golf Tee

The ‘Tee’ is a wooden stake in the ground from which you throw your Frisbee and the ‘Hole’ is a metal stand with a metal basket and chains that break the flight of the inward flying disk.


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