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Hillary Clinton / Young Lover

We were keen to get our theatrical cultural fix this last week, but as we couldn’t find one …we went to see the only play in town during our stay: Hilary Clinton / Young Lover.

I’m afraid that New Zealand humour doesn’t always translate to us Brits. For example, only last night I had to translate my comment on the wine to our enthusiastic NZ waiter:

‘When I say the wine is ‘not too bad‘ this is British speak for the NZ word ‘awesome!’’

In general I think I would have to agree with the New York Magazine’s description of the play; they described it as ‘demented’, a description which is proudly displayed as part of the publicity distributed by Circa Theatre. I didn’t have the heart to tell them …

It wasn’t a compliment guys…

The Circa Theatre on Wellington’s waterfront does put on some excellent theatre over the year.