turn to custard

Another New Zealand phrase that amused us : turn-to -custard.

Talking to our New Zealand friend on the phone. He was saying that his grandson was playing until such and such happened and then ‘it all turned to custard’

Definition : to go badly awry…

4 thoughts on “turn to custard”

  1. Lovely ro see rhe pics Val and Paul with Frances and the girls. They will have enjoyed your lovely company!
    Great you got to ride on the jet ski too!
    We are caravaning at Alisa s in their driveway just now.
    See you soon x

    1. Thanks David & Beth. We had a lovely time with Frances & the girls yesterday! Send our love to Alisa and family. See you soon! Love V&P xx

    1. I asked a couple of people & yes apparently they say that too. Our friend Catherine reckons it’s more common to say ‘turned to custard’ because Kiwis make poor/ lumpy custard(?!) … I bet our friend David disagrees though!

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