Melbourne Church

After a google search we discovered a nearby church which held services in a lecture theatre at Monash Caulfield University.

It’s always interesting and uplifting to join with the worship at various churches in the areas we visit.

The Church of Christ was new to us and, by happenstance, we chose a Sunday when they were having lunch together afterwards. We joined them in the university quod under the Jacaranda trees.

Really lively worship, great enthusiasm and very welcoming people…

4 thoughts on “Melbourne Church”

  1. Sounds lovely. Don’t know if there’s more than one Monash uni in NZ. It’s the one that does the low FODMAP diet and they are very good at replying to emails!

    1. Yes could be! The uni lecture theatre was just the place rented by the church so not really a student church, but several students from across Melbourne did attend. I’ll check out the FODMAP diet though! Val xxx

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