Should NZ Change the Flag?

It seems to have been discussed on and off for a number of years, but John Key put the debate back on the agenda in 2014 by announcing his intention to hold a referendum on the subject should his National party be re-elected.

The current flag, it is argued, is too similar to the Australian flag and a new flag is needed which better represents the independence and culture of ‘brand’ New Zealand.

It’s very controversial of course; many new Zealanders are still emotionally attached to the present flag and complain that the cost of the exercise – about $26 million NZ dollars – could be better spent elsewhere.

The first referendum in 2015 chose a preferred alternative flag ( a black, white, and blue Silver fern flag by Kyle Lockwood ) and a second referendum in March 2016 will ask New Zealanders to choose between the current flag and the preferred alternative.

Is it just a flight of fancy of John Key?  Or is New Zealand rebranding itself as a new dynamic nation?  What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Should NZ Change the Flag?”

  1. This is John Key wanting to make a name for himself and a total waste of money as each debate goes on and as referendums are organised and advertised. There are sure to be better ways to use the taxpayers money.

  2. John Key is a trader -that’s how he made his money. I think it is a diversion but I honestly think he will also be looking at it from a marketing ‘NZ’ point of view. It might ‘inspire’ kiwis to get out and market their products overseas more and also open more and new markets overseas for trade.
    Actually I honestly think it will. However it took me a long time to come to this belief as I could initially see it as a waste of money- I now think it will be a very good thing.

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