Nowhere better than Wellington!

Wellington Harbour
Wellington Harbour

‘There’s nowhere better than Wellington on a good day,’ is something we’ve often heard people say since we arrived here – and I’m inclined to agree with them.

This little capital city seems to have it all. Firstly there’s the buzz of city life with all its amenities, but in an area small enough to walk everywhere easily. Then there’s its enormous harbour and adjacent waterfront with beaches and little bays just a short stroll away. To top that it’s surrounded by hills and an extensive green belt with a network of walking tracks.

The Wellingtonians seem a vibrant lot – many are youthful (Victoria University in the city has over 16,000 students) and many seem to love the outdoor life. Water sports are very popular; dragon boat racing seems a particular favourite and just jumping or diving into the water from countless diving boards all along the waterfront is another. Then there are cyclists, joggers, buskers or just people out for a stroll.

On a sunny day – without the wind, which is the Wellington bugbear (they have173 windy days a year!) – it’s a great place to be!