Swimming at Mission Bay

I got my first swimming fix of our trip today. It was perfect weather and we took the bus out to Mission Bay, the closest sandy beach to where we’re staying. It was busy but not heaving with everyone enjoying barbecues and family games once they’d had their dip in the sea.

Of course Mission BayI couldn’t persuade Paul to join me for a swim… He was more inteThe De Fontein Bar in Mission Bayrested in finding somewhere nice to eat later. We found a bar called De Fontein with speciality Belgium beers and lovely views over the harbour.

2 thoughts on “Swimming at Mission Bay”

  1. Mission Bay is special, probably my favourite spot in Auckland on a good day but, Val, I’m with Paul on this one, a cafe or restaurant is just the thing. I’ve not yet been swimming at Mission Bay – although the water looks inviting, a cool drink or coffee, a chat and great views takes some beating.
    Happy New Year and we hope the weather clears soon.

    1. Val forgets to mention that as part of her swimming fix I have to retrieve her shoes from the water’s edge and be ready with towel and shoes for her exiting the water, and while she is swimming I have to look after the all her accoutrements. oh yes…and then I have to bring the camera and take pictures of her posing in the water!

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