Gumusluk: Turkey in the Spring

We are owners of a villa in Gumusluk. Every year we spend some time in March or April in Gumusluk, visiting the villa and making sure that all is in order for our forthcoming guests.  There is always a lot of work to do: repainting the inside, the pergolas and/or the outside teak table and chairs, cleaning the carpets, replacing the BBQ, the lampshades etc etc.

Whenever we visit at the beginning of the year we are always reminded how fresh and green the scenery is. There can be the odd day of rain, but generally the weather is around 20 C and it is quite pleasant to sit in the sun with a chilled glass of wine or beer; we were often able to sunbathe.

Not being too hot it is also possible to embark on a walk or two and enjoy the spring flowers. There’s wild camomile in profusion: large daisy heads of yellow and white petals. There are poppies, wild lavender, wild cistus, wild orchids and more. So if you enjoy walking this is definitely the time of year to come (although October and November can also be very pleasant months for walking).

The following are a few walks which are good to try in the spring:

1. There is the walk around the headland in Gumusluk Bay: you almost seem to be walking on history as you walk down the donkey path from our villa over half buried Roman pillars. If you’re not starting from our villa then you can pick up the walk from the main road: just after the sign and road down to Victorias,  coming from the Yalikavak direction. Don’t take the path to Victorias – it’s the next track on the right (about 50 meters from the Victorias turn off). When you get to the end of the donkey path turn right along the edge of the sea and climb a stile at the end of the bay leading around the back of the headland (with the Turkish Flag flying above it). You walk on crushed shards of terracotta pottery (Roman or earlier?) as your path curves around the headland. To one side you can see the foundations of ancient buildings just under the sea. The path peters out after a while – don’t try to follow it all the way around, just retrace your steps back the way you came.

2. The Big Cheese Walk: highlights are the wild lavender, cistus and other plants along the wayside.

3. The Walk to the Deserted Village of Sandima (from Yalikavak)  : highlights the deserted village with flowers growing in and around the ruins, an ancient well, fields full of wild orchids

4.  Walk to the deserted village of Karakaya. Highlights are the old houses and the views especially towards the end of the day when the light is best for photos. (If you’re feeling lazy you can always take the car up there.)

5.  Short Circular Walk from Gumusluk Villa to the Beach (If not staying at Gumusluk Villa – start at Victoria’s)

The 2013 season had not started properly and the restaurants along the shore were still preparing for the new season when we arrived on 26th March. The owners were painting the chairs, tables and pergolas, white washing some walls etc. By the second week of April, however, a few more restaurants were open and they had blankets draped on the back of the chairs in case the evenings got a little chilly.

It wasn’t quite the weather for swimming yet – at least not for us. However it didn’t stop two young girls jumping in the larger swimming pool on site. It was ‘cold’ they admitted – but the sun soon warmed them up again.


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  1. Hi Paul & Val,
    Thanks for sharing about Turkey – it looks interesting. We had planned to visit Turkey late 2012 but as you may know had to cancel at the last moment. Shirley is still with us but struggling a bit more now. Nice to track your travels – please stay in touch,

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