New Zealand Word of the Week : Lollies


The New Zealand Word Lolly translates as Sweet, as in sweeties – those hard sugary confections that children eat. If someone in New Zealand offers you a lolly, it is not an ice lolly, it’s a sweet.

In consequence of this the term ice lolly cannot be used. It will cause confusion. If you want an ice lolly you must ask for a popsicle…

There is even a classic Kiwi recipe for Lolly Cake. , for which one of the main ingredient is ‘Eskimos,’ – a popular NZ lolly, sorry, sweet.

A few years back a Canadian tourist was in the news for saying they were racist, she was so incensed she sent a packet to the Canadian Prime Minister.

Eskimos have the constancy of the marshmallow-like pink ‘prawns’ they sell in UK sweet shops.

2 thoughts on “New Zealand Word of the Week : Lollies”

  1. A lollie was one of the first words I knew growing up in NZ.
    ‘Mummy… Can I please have a lollie?… Please Mummy’
    Didn’t realise it was uncommon usage in England.

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