Why We Love NZ…

Our NZ Top 12

1. The open, friendly and casual nature of the New Zealanders.

2. With NZ’s long coastline and beautiful beaches, there’s always a sea view nearby.

3. The numerous excellent walking (‘tramping’) tracks throughout NZ.

4. The comfortable climate….not to mention a second summer if you’re coming from the Northern Hemisphere.

5. Good quality tea available any time and any place.

6. Excellent choice of fish and seafood on sale at supermarkets eg fresh green lip mussels, lots of seasonal, locally grown fruit and interesting varieties of humus.

7. Brilliant fish and chips!

8. Free jugs of water in cafés and restaurants.

9. Wide open spaces – never overcrowded.

10. Bag packers at all the supermarket checkouts make shopping a much pleasanter experience.

11. Vineyard culture: vineyard tastings, restaurants and open air concerts.

12. Café culture: outdoor tables, great coffee, eggs, bacon, sweet and savoury muffins, pancakes and more….

And we haven’t even mentioned the most stunning scenery imaginable….



2 thoughts on “Why We Love NZ…”

  1. Great – have a good trip home if you are not on your way/back already! Lovely to see you here and looks like you have had a fab time. See you back here sometime!

    Ruth x

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