A Flat White and a Jaffa


Val with a Flat White and a Jaffa
Val with a Flat White and a Jaffa

New Zealand has the two prerequisites for civilisation I was once told (by a New Zealander) : good coffee and excellent wines.

The necessary terminology for ordering a cup of coffee in New Zealand is however, slightly different. In addition to the normal cappuccinos, lattes and espresso New Zealand has a ‘Flat White’ and a ‘Long Black’. The Flat White is a cappuccino without all the froth and chocolate topping and a ‘Long Black’ is an espresso with hot water added. These might not be the official definitions, they are mine and I am happy for any of our readers to correct me or add to the New Zealand coffee barista’s repertoire for me.

In the picture above Val can be seen with a ‘Flat White’ and a Jaffa. Coffees are often served with a Jaffa here in NZ. What is a Jaffa? I hear my English friends asking. It’s a round chocolate confectionary with an orange candy coating. It is made by Cadburys and sold in packets, much like ‘smarties’ but all of orange and shaped as a ball. Do I have to explain what ‘smarties’ are for the New Zealand readers?

I should also mention that ‘Jafa’ – spelt with one ‘f’ is a derogatory term for someone from Auckland.


3 thoughts on “A Flat White and a Jaffa”

  1. That’s exactly the same as a flat white over here, Val! That’s what my friends and I usually have after yoga or pilates!!

  2. Jafa lollies were popular at the picture theatres when I was a boy, At the Saturday matinee, kids would sit in the front row of the upstairs and drop jafas down onto the row below. the Jafas would then roll along down the wooden floor to the front of the stage.
    They played ‘God save the Queen’ at the start of the pictures (movie) and we all stood up to attention except for when we got to about age 11 and it was cool to stay sitting while the others stood.
    They don’t even have a half time interval now!

    Last year an Aucklander had a letter published in the Christchurch Press complaining about Cantabrians grizzling about earthquake issues. Readers shot back with comments saying they now truly understood the meaning of the word ‘Jafa’. (derogatory term for Aucklanders)

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