The Court Theatre

The Court Theatre, like so many businesses in Christchurch, has moved to a new location. It’s in the Eddington district; an area which is benefitting from the new development in Christchurch. With the reconstruction delays in the centre of the city this area is having a bit of a resurgence.

It’s not quite as central as previously, but it utilises some old industrial buildings and has lots of floor space and height.

We went to see a new play : ‘When the Rain Stops Falling’. It starts with a fish falling from the sky and scans a family’s dysfunctional relationships over several generations – past, present and future. A compelling drama.


2 thoughts on “The Court Theatre”

    1. Hi Rochelle, It should say ‘Addington’. I asked a New Zealander which district the Court Theatre was in and. in my defence, it sounded like Eddington to my non-NZ trained ears. So basically I’m blaming the kiwi accent.

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