Caffe L’affare

Caffe L’affare

There’s a real buzz and youthful atmosphere about this place; brown tables and chairs – a mix of high and low tables, terracotta flooring. An ex-industrial building with lighting fixtures hanging from the ceiling; old spot lights and an enormous search light are amongst the eclectic mixture of lights.

An old propeller suspended from the ceiling acts as a fan and old rusted segments of a ship’s hull with rivets, partial metal handholds, port holes etc. are amongst the wall hangings.

A bustle of young waiters and waitresses race around in black Caffe L’Affare t-shirts and aprons. Our young waitress has tattoos over both arms and legs and is wearing skimpy leopard print shorts and purple and grey trainers.

I’m having the breakfast special; ‘Harrington Pork and Fennel, Chorizo and Venison w/hash brown, poached eggs, Turkish toast and hollandaise’. The eggs have the darkest orange/umber yokes I have ever seen.


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