Better than Half Price Break in South of France

Apartments  in the South of France

We are still offering better than half price for bookings  (apart from July and August) on these boutique apartments in Hérépian

Renovated 17th Century Convent – many original features – vaulted ceilings and lime washed walls

Spa Facilities – outdoor swimming pool and garden

Nearby Michelin star quality restaurants

National Park  Walks

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Slip, Slop, Slap & Wrap

The iconic  sun smart campaign in New Zealand has been running for sometime. I think there’s even a song… or maybe it’s just a jingle.

There is, according to the experts, a hole in the ozone layer south of new Zealand over Antarctica and  New Zealand’s summertime ozone has decreased by about 10%  since 1970.

SLIP into a long-sleeved shirt and into the shade. . Generally, fabrics with a tighter weave and darker colours will give you greater protection from the sun. There are also certain fabrics on the market that have a SPF rating.

SLOP on plenty of broad-spectrum SPF30+ sunscreen at least 15 minutes before going outdoors.

SLAP on a hat with a wide-brim or a cap with flaps – more people get sunburned on their face and neck than any other part of the body.

WRAP on a pair of wrap-around sunglasses – UV radiation is just as dangerous to eyesight as it is for the skin.