A Morning Swim

No matter how many times I swim in the top pool, I’m always amazed by the colours which surround me. They hit me every time I turn to start a new length – like a rainbow of flowers amongst foliage with a backdrop – almost always – of a cloudless blue sky.

I start counting the different colours this morning and get to 11 by the time I’ve finished the length. My favourites are the bright purple bougainvillea – even brighter in the morning sunlight – with its tiny white flowers and a delicate little cornflower blue flower which masses along the wall opposite. Then there is the cerise pink climber with large blossoms entwined in the olive tree beside me. All around there are little yellow flowers with orange centres which attract the white butterflies and there are splashes of reds, purples, white and orange in a myriad of greens.

The olive tree is heavily laden and a few ripe olives have fallen close to the pool. The sky is bright blue and there’s the gentlest of breezes…

2 thoughts on “A Morning Swim”

  1. Val, that sounds wonderful. I love swimming outdoors and all those colours sound amazing. We’ve just come back from a camper van trip and found some lovely coves to swim in but they definitely weren’t as colourful! Have fun x

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