Namo Restaurant Ponsonby

Namo Restaurant

I have started to notice that second only to Thai Restaurants in their profusion are Japanese Restaurants. In Ponsonby Road there is a Suchi Bar/ Café and also a Ramen café.

On Monday evening we came across the latest addition; a new Japanese Restaurant called Namo The food is very good: fresh, creative and beautifully presented. The chef is Japanese and at one time worked at Nobu in London. The wine list has also been well selected. They are just having a few teething problems ensuring that everyone at a table is served at the same time… Well worth a visit!

Phohutukawa : the North Island ‘Christmas Tree’

You see Pohutukawa trees everywhere on the North Island, particularly by the coast. They are in full bloom at this time of year so are nicknamed the ‘North Island Christmas Tree’. Walking down to the marina yesterday – a beautiful, sunny day – their  bright red blossom against the blue sky looked magnificent..