Needles and Opium

Weta Digital Season – Part of the New Zealand Festival

On 24th February we went to see ‘Needles and Opium’ which is part of Wellington’s summer festival.

The set was ingenious; it was three sides of a cube, set centre stage which frequently rotated and morphed into a hotel room, a busy street in New York or a psychedelic set for a film. Continue reading Needles and Opium


After the theatre last night we ate at Floriditas.

The restaurant is on Cuba Street and has an old world charm; a little like a 1930s French Bistro. I think it might just have become our favourite in Wellington.

Val waxed lyrical about the starter I ordered. It was a pasta; green bean feta, pistachio, watercress and parmesan spaghetti.  The pasta was al dente and the French beans were sliced and blanched for all of about 30 seconds ( so they had some ‘bite’ to them).

I think the recipe must consist of cooking the spaghetti first and then tossing in the ingredients listed: some crumbled salty feta, blanched sliced long green beans, pistachio kernels, watercress and parmesan. However they also added lemon juice and lemon zest and freshly chopped parsley and thyme. I think we are going have to try this recipe ourselves when we’re back in London.

Eating at Floriditas
Eating at Floriditas

We did have some main courses and wine as well. It was all delicious and it is now a Mr and Mrs Smith recommendation.