Golf… but not as we know it

If you’ve always wanted to take up golf but couldn’t afford the equipment and the green fees. I have found a solution for you.

Here in Queenstown Gardens you can take up golf for the cost of a Frisbee. I am sure the purists amongst you will complain that the lack of a clubs and golf balls disqualifies this pursuit from being called ‘golf’, but never the less there is a game with official rules and several different choices of Frisbee ( depending on the wind, terrain and experience of the user) and it is called ‘Frisbee Golf’

Frisbee Golf Tee
Frisbee Golf Tee

The ‘Tee’ is a wooden stake in the ground from which you throw your Frisbee and the ‘Hole’ is a metal stand with a metal basket and chains that break the flight of the inward flying disk.


New Zealand Word of the Week : Jandals


The word Jandals in New Zealand means flip flops. The name was trademarked 50 years ago and is owned by Sandford Industries.

You can’t help but notice the many people who wear jandals or walk around in their bare feet here in New Zealand…

Jandals are made out of rubber so they float and are often seen washed up on the beach. Strangely it is said that more left-foot jandals wash up than right ones…